Retirement Course Outline

Planning 4 Retirement

Define and Create your Retirement Picture

How will I spend my time? Cost of living comparison. Exploring your retirement picture such as travel, volunteering, and hobbies.

Retirement Costs and Needs

How Much do you need to live comfortably in retirement? Impact of inflation. Can you afford to retire?

Retirement Mistakes

Looking at typical retiree mistakes and how to avoid them.

Sources of Income

Employer sponsored plans, Social Security, IRA, Roth IRA. Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each type of income source.

Retirement Plan Distributions

Making the most of retirement funds while minimizing taxes. Helping you with crucial decisions that may not be reversible.


Cash, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Managed Accounts. An extensive exploration into each type of investment.

Health and Asset Protection

How to protect yourself against financial loss. A look at life, health and long term care insurance.

Managing Your Estate

Strategies to help minimize or eliminate income, gift or estate taxes. Helping with the decisions that will effect you and your love ones while you are living.

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